16 Reasons Why Soccer Is World’s Best and Most Popular Sport [Infographic]


Soccer is in many ways a microcosm of life.

The breathtaking intensity of this sport is almost unparalleled.  With all sorts of challenges and competitiveness, soccer targets our intense senses perfectly.

Regardless of what part of the world you are in, the charisma of soccer remains constant. Thousands of people head to the stadiums to be a part of the sensational live experience, while many more flip on their TVs to cheer their favorite teams.

Of course, there are many other sports in the world, and so, you may think why soccer is the best sport in the world. Well, here are 16 reasons that may answer your queries with a logical approach.

Why Soccer Is World’s Best and Most Popular Sport

(1) Passion Surrounding the Sport

Soccer is all about passion. Whether being a player or an audience, one can deliberately feel it in his veins. It’s a matter of joy when you watch Camp Nou bowing to Messi after an eye-catching goal, or when Bernabeu salutes Ronaldo after yet another hat-trick.

The spectacular events at the bigger stage catch your attention in such a way that it seems to be happening at the park next door. During international tournaments, countries’ flags can be seen everywhere, representing people’s passion and love of the game. With a worldwide appeal, it brings people together and lets them enjoy the sport they love.

(2) Source of Inspiration

Soccer teaches you to overcome adversity, and allows you to understand the essence of focus at varying levels. Athleticism and fitness are important aspects of this sport.

Players like Bale or Hazard couldn’t be such fast runners unless they went through long sessions of intense training. We get inspired by their commitment and dedication to their fields of expertise. Children around the world look up to players, hoping that they too can, one day, be a star in the game that has stolen so many hearts. Thus, it allows you to learn a lifetime of some important lessons.

(3) Global Reach

Soccer is like an international language that crosses cultural barriers. It unites countries which have a lot of differences. Moreover, players of different backgrounds can play it anywhere in the world. There are no language barriers in this sport, because everyone speaks one language – “soccer”. It allows you to share your love for the game with other fans throughout the world.

Whether you are in America, Brazil, Belgium or Spain, you find people with a common interest in soccer. It is the most widely practiced sport in the world played in over 200 countries, and has over 3.5 billion fans around the globe. And this is what makes soccer so popular. How can one not love a sport that brings so many people together?

(4) It’s Anyone’s Game

Who doesn’t love a magical story of rags to riches? And when it comes to the world of football, there are plenty of such instances out there.

Soccer can be played on the poorest streets of third world countries as much as in rich countries. The way players like Maradona, Pele, Samuel Eto’o overcame their extreme poverty, is truly motivational. The harsh realities of slums couldn’t shrink their desire of becoming all time legends. It gives hope to the poor and something that will connect them to one another. Furthermore, it teaches them the value of the beautiful game.

(5) The History Is Woven into The Culture of Many Countries

The world has been enthralled by the excellence of this game for decades. Borrowing some of the greatest aspects of American culture, football has become a spectacle all over the world. According to the historians, traces of similar forms of the game can be found as early as the 2nd and 3rd century BC in China. During the Han dynasty, people would dribble with leather balls and kick them into small nets. It has also been reported that the Romans and Greeks would kick the ball for fun; kicking the ball was a popular sport.

However, the history of the modern game is a little bit different. The evolution of soccer has mainly been through the hands of the British. It was in 1863 that the Football Association was established, and legitimate rules were implemented to the game.

(6) Diversity

If you want to witness the variety in gameplay, just watch different league matches throughout the year. Whereas Spanish Football is characterized by technical quality, the German Football is all about movement and efficiency.

On the other hand, Italian Football has shown how football can be played on the basis of intelligence, dogged defending and sublime efficiency in taking chances. If you enjoy sheer competitiveness, tactical gameplay, and well-filmed classic games, go for The Barclays Premier League.

And of course, there are supporters who give their all to cheer on every ball, and inject the rush of adrenaline into the games. This is what makes soccer so popular around the world!

(7) It’s A Fast-Paced Game

Soccer’s fluidity and lack of stoppages give it an important edge compared to other sports. There are no commercial breaks other than the 15-minute halftime. Whatever time was wasted during the game is added on at the end of every half. Due to the continuous nature of other sports, you get to see players giving their very best at a stretch of 90 minutes.

(8) Physique doesn’t matter as much as the skills!

A lot of sports nowadays have become so advanced and competitive, that you need to have a physique to go with that. No matter what build your body is, you can definitely work to become great at soccer. Of course, soccer players need to be in the best shape of their lives, but you don’t need to be physically imposing to play soccer.

For someone like Messi with growth hormone deficiency, it’s hard to deal with a variety of physical issues. Yet such players perform brilliantly with fabulous skill sets. With a proper understanding of the game, if one acquires agility, speed and footwork, it’ll be more worthy than just having a sturdy physique.

(9) Thrill of Uncertainty

When you put 22 players of different skills on the field, it’s easy to see that the ball will never be played in the same way. In the 1999 UEFA Champions League Final, when Bayern got the initial edge, a comeback from Manchester United seemed almost impossible. But they fought hard and Sheringham scored the equalizer giving them some hope. Eventually, Solskjaer wheeled it away with the final touch resulting a 2-1 victory, sending the crowd into ruptures.

So much uncertainty makes every moment special and every game provides the fans something new and interesting to watch. Here, every goal is different, every save is unique, every touch is special. So many variables make it a work of art when they come together. This is why soccer is the best sport on earth.

(10) Epic Rivalries

In soccer, great rivalries are often influenced by politics and geographical diversions. ‘El Clasico’ puts world’s best club teams to utmost challenges, and players are made into legends during these matches. Liverpool has its Merseyside derby against Everton and then it has its rivalry with Manchester United.

It’s often during these rival matches that legends are made. With all sorts of expertise, they try their best to rise above their potentials. And that tingles the true passion of soccer fans!

(11) Skill and Technique

Whether it’s a free kick, or a crafty wing-play, you will be amazed and dazed at the same time. The curve that a player can put on a soccer ball will seem impossible to the untrained eye. The way Maradona scored the second goal against England at the 1986 World Cup, or Carlos’ execution of banana free-kick against France, seem to defy the limitations of human abilities.

It’s indeed a magnificent spectacle to behold. To watch a world class player dribbling, is to have coordination of your eyes tested to the tenth degree. Eventually, you find yourself wondering in awe because of the magic in his boots.

(12) It Is a Team Sport

Soccer is a team sport, which helps you to connect to it. It takes all eleven players executing on every play, and each has an assigned task that they must complete. All players must believe that they’re fighting for the same cause, and have faith in their coaches and teammates. Individual players make differences, but in the end, it is a team game.

It is truly magnificent to see the trust and understanding among the players exhibited on the field. The teams play so well together, that it seems almost as if they share one mind.

(13) Dramatic Announcers

A passionate commentator not only explains the passion of soccer, he also alludes to the roar of the crowd. Their knowledge, passion for the game, and their striking English charm that resonates to millions of homes around the world, make them the best commentators in the world of sport.

It has been iconic when Martin Tyler screamed “Aguerooo…” as the Argentine made it 3-2 and won the league for Manchester City after 44 years with the 94th minute strike. Gerrard’s goal against Olympiakos in the Champions’ League group stage showed Gray’s spirited approach towards football commentary. And there are several other instances in the history of football which show that these men don’t just speak, they indeed “live in the moment”!

(14) Tactical Implementations

Organizing a football roster is equivalent to maintaining a small army. A football team identifies the strengths and weaknesses of its opponent as well as its own, creates a strategy, and executes those technically.

The managers understand the unique responsibilities that his players must perform. Within a game, teams must endeavor to execute their strategy and adjust when needed. The game demands greater swiftness of mind than any other sport, making it much more cerebral than anything else out there.

(15) Spectacular Events

Although other sports have competitive leagues that generate tons of money and fans, there’s nothing that can be compared to soccer on the international arena. These tournaments mean a lot to the teams playing, and also to the countries being represented by them. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest of such events. Because soccer is a sport that has an international fan base, tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, the Euro Cup, and many, many more are organized year after year.

(16) There’s No Such Thing as An Offseason

Soccer remains endless throughout the year. That’s how it is for many sports fans, not just in America, but around the world. Even without the major FIFA World cup, several other tournaments such as Spanish premier league or English premier league are there to uplift the spirits of the enthusiastic fans.

No matter wherever you travel, you will find that the fan following of football is growing tremendously. For many kids, playing football is becoming a first choice of their life. With the breath-taking moments amidst the electrifying ambience, this game has not just become a medium of entertainment, but the supreme essence of life.

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