Goalkeeping Tips and Tricks: 12 Ways to Become a Great Goalkeeper in Football – [Infographic]


Do you dream of becoming a successful goalie in soccer?

It might look like an easy job.

However, success as goalkeepers comes only to those who know what to do with the ball in different situations.

The position of goalkeepers in football is both interesting and significant.

As a goalkeeper, you act not only as the last line of defense for your team; your leadership and organizational skills also determine its success.

Think that football is like playing a game of chess.

Everyone on the ground has an important part to play.

However, as a goalie, you are the only man standing on the 18-yard box who can use his hands without invoking a whistle from the referee.

When your teammates look up to you, you need to have the cunning and proper decision making abilities to beat your opponents both physically and mentally with the right technicalities.

Do you want to know how to be a good goalkeeper in Football?

Just the desperation to save goals would not offer any help, if you aspire to become a successful goalie.

You need to have the knowledge of effective football goalkeeping tips and tricks that will help you to develop proper game intelligence.


You are accountable for your actions on the ground. Therefore, you need to strategize your moves in a way that results in victory.

Not sure how to make your winning game plan?

We bring to you 12 ways of becoming an amazing goalkeeper in football, which includes many potent goalkeeper tips and tricks to help you improve your game.

Check it out and discover how to improve your goalkeeping skills…

1: Learn How to Get the Football in Your Favor

Remember that, as a goalkeeper, you can also initiate your team’s attack.

However, if you need to know how to become a good goalkeeper, you need to master the art of getting the ball speedily and accurately to your teammates.

You can actually do it in two ways- by kicking and throwing.

  • Kicking: Goal kicks are quite effective to launch a successful attack for you team. To have accuracy while passing to your teammates:
  • Measure your distance from your teammate.
  • Build a clear framework of your teammates’ movements in your mind so that you can place the ball ahead of them.
  • Lean back while holding your kicking foot fixed and place another foot beside the ball.
  • Consider drop kick if you need to cover a long distance to reach to your targeted teammate.
  • Throwing: It is generally performed with hands and provides good opportunities of delivering more precise passes. While doing it:
  • Consider throwing under arm by rolling out the ball speedily while you have defenders to run onto the ball and start the counterattack.
  • If you want any midfielder to take control, consider running out of the goal line and throw it over the arm.

Both throwing and kicking are counted as quality ball distribution techniques. Some of the useful soccer goalie tips and tricks to be noted here are:

  • If you have opportunities of developing a counterattack, release the ball as quickly as possible.
  • Do not sacrifice your speed for accuracy. You need to provide a backup when required and draw your inmates quickly back in the game.

2: Be Aggressive in Your Defense

Anticipating the movements of an attacking opponent is one of the greatest virtues of a successful goalie.

The aggression in defending in soccer comes when you are absolutely convinced about your position, your teammate’s formation and know when to charge your opponents.

Some of the effective tips for goalkeepers that you can apply here are:

  • Make your presence larger and more threatening to the attacking opponent. Run towards them when necessary and force them to narrow their shooting angle
  • Wait for the opponent to make the first move and seize the right opportunity to pounce on the ball.
  • Carefully examine the body language of the opponents. For example, be ready when you see they are close to the goal and getting ready to blast a shot.
  • Also, make eye contact to interpret where the opponent might place the ball.
  • Stand on your toes during an attack which would help you to change your positions quickly.

3: Look Out for Saving Shots at the Goal

As a goalie, you always need to cover a goal-bound ball so that it does not end up in the back of the net. Cover the ball with both hands, and throw or kick it back in the game. Some of the amazing goalie tricks that always work are:

  • Think of an imaginary line between the attacking player and the goalpost. Stand on it and don’t let the ball go past it.
  • When the ball is high and approaching too speedily, make a dive upward while using the fists to turn it away from the sensitive goal zone. Remember to get up quickly to attend to the changing game scenario.
  • While saving a goal, throw yourself towards the ball rather than waiting for it to reach you.

Things in football happen in seconds. You job is to stay focused and beat every move your opponent with the right skills and techniques.

4: Learn to Tackle One-On-One Situations

It is not unnatural when you would find that the attacking opponents have got past of your defenders by beating the offside trap and is making an unchallenged run towards your goal…

Only you stand between the goal and the attacker.

What can you do to save the goal?

Find out the practical soccer goalie tips and tricks here:

  • Raise your hands occasionally above the head while standing firmly on your feet. This is an effective psychological charging which might leave your opponents baffled.
  • Charge the attacking opponent directly. This will reduce the scoring angles remarkably.
  • Try crouching low and jump whenever it is necessary.
  • Don’t go down without anticipating what is likely to come from the opponent.

5: Let Your Hands Follow What Your Eyes See

Don’t follow the legs of the opponents. Rather focus on the movements of the ball.

While the leg movements of the attacker are distracting for a goalie, remember that your job is to save the ball from going into the net.

Co-ordinated movements between the hands and eyes would help you analyze your opponents and save the ball just at the right time.

Here are some of the goalkeeping tips and tricks that you can use to improve your eye-to-hand coordination:

  • Move between the sticks very often while guarding the goal area, but keep very close attention towards the movement of the ball.
  • In case of catching a high cross, take a momentary pause to assess the possible direction of the flight of the ball. Stay ready on your toes for a jump.
  • In case the distance is short, take a few quick short steps which will get you into the right position.

6: Master the Technique of Handling Corner Kicks

When the opponent team is awarded a corner kick, you as a goalie need to be extra careful while securing the goal area.

You might end up offering a goal to the opponent if you do not know the right techniques!

Don’t commit any mistake. Learn what you can do during a corner kick here:

  • Determine your position first, which will greatly depend on whether the player taking the kick is using his right foot or left foot.
  • Follow the swing of the ball. Step closer if it is swinging in, and maintain a distance in case of an outswinging ball.
  • Defend yourself from the opponents with your knee outward while saving the ball.
  • It is always better to catch the ball at its highest point. Or, simply punch the ball away with your fists.
  • If the ball is too far, let one of your teammates take care of it.

7: Take Complete Charge of the Penalty Area

Your penalty area is your 18-yard box which you need to safeguard at any cost.

As a goalie, you own this area. Don’t let a flying ball trespass it!

However, good management of the penalty area requires good positioning and strategic game intelligence!

Want to know how to become a good goalie with good command over the penalty area?

Read on.

  • As a goalie, it is very important for you to take an athletic stance while you stay between the sticks. Athletic stance refers to a neutral position with flexible elbows, feet apart and hands in front to show readiness.
  • Keep a close look at not only the opponents but on your teammates, too.
  • When the ball is approaching you, think that you own it and show that confidence on your face.

8: Enhance Your Communication with Your Teammates

As a goalkeeper, you have the advantage of watching the game from a better angle than your teammates.

You can keep a close track on the opponents and instruct your teammates accordingly.

Stay in touch with your teammates, especially your defenders. As a goalie, you need to take the ultimate call on their positions.

Just talking is not going to work; motivate your team mates towards the desired outcome!

Here is how you can do it:

  • Use short words rather than a sentence when you are on the ground to avoid miscommunication. For example, words like “mark”, “mine”, “leave” can convey the right message at the right time.
  • Let your defenders know which opponents they are going to mark.
  • Provide constant instruction to the mid-fielders with words like “guard,” “mark”, “press” etc.

9: Stay Ready for Every Situation

Soccer as a game is all about sudden ups and downs.

But, if you think that playing it effectively only requires physical agility and fitness, you are mistaken!

The only way of strengthening your position as a strong and successful goalie is to train both your body and mind to take up challenges and overcome them.

When you work hard to increase your mental stamina, you enhance your abilities of overcoming impediments that lie both on the ground and within your team.

Increase your mental alertness by:

  • performing cognitive exercises that help you develop a positive mindset. For example, you can visualize playing a game in different conflicting situations and learn from your moves.
  • learning that there is nothing fixed or stagnant in the game of soccer.

You might have a bad day at office. You might end up committing a howler which is embarrassing. Don’t get your morale down.  Even the best goalkeepers in the world commit mistakes. Consult sports psychologists and your coach who might help you realize this fact.

  • observing closely and being very confident about each of your moves. If you stay calm and composed between the sticks with calculated moves, the opponents will know that you are in charge.

10: Failure Does Not Mean the End of the Game

Even with high alertness and skillful playing, goals get scored!

However, successful goalies do not let any downside of the game affect themselves.

You got to play the game till the end with the same spirit and hunger for victory!

It is not easy to cope with failures in soccer. Find here some of the tactics that you can apply in such situations:

  • Accept the mistake of your team and move on.
  • When opponents score a goal, try doing some physical activities which will shift your attention from it. For example, start jogging and move between the stick with very controlled breathing and skipping.
  • Tell yourself that you are still in the game and encourage your teammates not to give up

11: Take the Final Call for Your Team

During a penalty shoot, you are the man with the team’s responsibility on your shoulder.

Similarly, in many situations, you as a goalkeeper would find the need to take a final decision for your team.

Such responsibility can create immense pressure on your nerves. Therefore, you need to stay calm and take strategic decisions.

There are many situations which create dilemma in the minds of goalkeepers like:

  • whether to charge the opponent or stay in the pre-determined position when the opponent runs toward your goal.
  • when to perform sliding or diving in one-to-one situations.
  • how to manage saving a goal in the nerve-wrecking penalty shootout.

Know that even successful goalies end up taking wrong decisions. Therefore, it is best to be aware of your limitations as a player and react only when it is needed.

12: Have Fun and Don’t Give Up

As a goalkeeper, you should be able to handle immense pressure and play the game as per the strategies.

But, apart from the technicalities, you need to feel the rhythm of the soccer and infuse life in it.

Therefore, take your goalie position with great enthusiasm and good sportsman spirit!

Only when you are absolutely into the game, you would be able to feel and cherish the thrill of making a major save!

Do what is expected from a professional goalkeeper and do it dedicatedly!

Find some of the very essential tips and tricks of how to become a good goalkeeper:

  • Stay in great shape- both physically and mentally.
  • Let your opponent know that you are ready with slightly bent knees and light feet.
  • While saving a ball, keep your elbows apart for a good grip.
  • Stay mentally connected to your teammates and watch their moves.
  • Always stay behind the ball.
  • And, most importantly, never say die!

The goalkeeping tricks and tactics shared above are sure to help you stay immune to the fowl tactics employed by your opponents.

These soccer goalie tips and tricks might look difficult apparently. However, with practice, you can become an expert goalkeeper by applying them.

If you want to start your journey to soccer-stardom, here are all the secrets which can help you set off in the right direction.

So, get your feet, eyes and hand follow the tune of the game and keep playing.

Remember that you need to have both physical and emotional flexibility to get up and spring right back into the game even in difficult situations.

This is soccer for you! Just live every moment of it and achieve the victories of your dream!

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